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At MWD, we pride ourselves on sourcing products on the cutting edge of the latest in ergonomics and innovative design trends. We apply a rigorous due diligence process to ensure our products keep our users delighted with the improvements in their quality of life.

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Wheelchairs are an excellent way for those with mobility challenges, allowing additional freedom of movement. We stock a broad range to cater for different requirements, including manual, powered, and sit-to-stand models.

Mobility Aids

At MWD, we have sourced strong, lightweight aids that make mobility significantly easier for users. Our aids have been custom-designed, and include quick-adjust hand grips on underarm crutches, quick fold levers on walking frames, a broad range of quad canes, and a wide variety of stylish walking sticks.

Bathroom Aids

Our bathroom aids address sensitive needs that patients and customers may have in all bathroom-related matters. This includes split seat wheelchairs, over-toilet aids, shower chairs, bath transfer benches, grab bars, as well as spare parts and accessories for all of the above.

Bedroom Furniture

Specialised bedroom equipment is essential for those with mobility challenges. At MWD, we stock automatic and folding beds, as well as a full range of mattresses, overlays, and pillows.

Our range of beds are all adjustable, with backrest, knee brake, height, and tilt adjustments functions, enabling comfort and customisation to the user’s physical requirements.


MWD’s range of seating offerings include pressure relieving chairs and chairs with folding side supports — all trialled and tested with market-leading satisfaction results.

We source the best quality motors and mechanisms, taking advantage of the latest in German engineering, and take into consideration all user needs such as height, support position, and any physical limitations.

Catalogue coming soon.



MWD’s range of scooters combine the most innovative features on the market with stylish, lightweight designs.

Our extensive range of scooters includes both three and four wheel models with rear, mid, and front wheel drive motorized wheelchairs from entry level to high-end personalized models.


We stock a full range of various cushions designed for lumber, spinal, neck, coccyx, and foot support. We also have pressure point massage cushions for extra comfort.

Daily Living Aids

We stock a range of innovative and practical items to help users live as comfortably, and most important, as independently as possible. Our products, as with our other categories, encompass a broad range of products designed to cater for every need.

In addition, we stock foot stools with handrails, cane holders, straps, pedal exercisers, and plenty more.

Daily Living Aids catalogue coming soon

Scripted Wheelchairs

We stock a fully adaptable prescription wheelchair that can be tailored for individual users on a bespoke basis. It comes with a choice of rims and tyres, bringing stylish design features to MWD’s reputation for reliability and precision engineering.

Scripted Wheelchairs catalogue coming soon

Sit-To-Stand Wheelchairs

Sit-to-stand wheelchairs are an essential accessory for those who need help changing positions. Our wheelchairs are sturdy, lightweight, and come in both manual and motorised versions.

We combine the latest technological innovations and design trends to create the best available products on the market.

Sit-To-Stand Wheelchairs catalogue coming soon


MWD’s range of rehabilitation equipment has been ergonomically designed to aid users and ensure that their treatment is as efficient as possible.

That means using the latest in ergonomic design technologies with lightweight, durable, and reliable products.

Rehabilitation catalogue coming soon


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