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Our commitment to providing the best quality of life to those with mobility and assisted living needs is second-to-none.

That’s why we take great pains to ensure that we deal with an exclusive selection of suppliers whose commitment to excellence matches our own.

The brands we stock have all been meticulously vetted to ensure they meet the highest quality and reliability standards.

Not only that, but they also need to satisfy our criteria for design and innovation, keeping our range at the cutting edge of the latest design and construction trends.

Freedom Healthcare

Freedom Healthcare provides a broad range of products that caters for mobility and rehabilitation needs: wheelchairs, walking aids, as well as seating, bedding, and a broad range of cushions.

Their products come highly recommended and are always in demand due to their innovative and durable reputations.

Freedom Healthcare are now investing extensively in research and development to remain at the cutting edge of mobility and rehabilitation innovation.

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With over 40 years in the field, LEVO has developed a full range of sit-to-stand wheelchairs to give users the independence, mobility, and quality of life they deserve.

LEVO sit-to-stand wheelchairs incorporate the latest technologies, including a suite of special controls to cater for all circumstances.

This, combined with their reputation for reliability and innovation, makes them the first choice in sit-to-stand wheelchairs in Australia.

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MOTOmed lead the way in rehabilitation equipment with ergonomic designs that improve strength and range of motion.

As leaders in the rehabilitation field, they have uniquely combined digital intelligence and intuitive usability in their product range.

That means they’re the ideal choice for doctors and therapists who need the best in modern movement therapy for their patients.

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Progeo wheelchairs combine lightweight components with dynamic design innovations to create elegant and stylish wheelchairs for all uses.

Their models are fully customisable, and optimized for maneuverability and lightness, yet still maintain Progeo’s excellent reputation for durability.

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The unique design of the wheelAIR backrest is to remove excess heat and moisture from the backs of wheelchair users and to cool their core temperature. Not only this, wheelAIR is both stylish and functional and has been described as ‘a breath of fresh air’ in the industry.

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C.T.M. produces market-leading mobility scooters in micro, mini, midi, and maxi sizes, with a range to choose from within each category.

Their commitment to quality and durability is consistent with our own at MWD and we are proud to be distributors for this well-known and well-reputed brand.

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Saljol produce a broad range of in-home, assisted living chairs and accessories, combining European design flair with reliable German engineering.

Their products include a range of ultra-comfortable sofa-chairs, mattresses, bathroom chairs, and walking aids, all designed to make the patient’s life as convenient and comfortable as possible.

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Whill’s cutting-edge technology is transforming today’s personal mobility experience.

Whill’s personal electronic vehicle (EV) was developed with both style and versatility in mind. Their EV’s are compact and have a small turning radius to fit in tighter spaces and can remotely controlled by a mobile application (App) integrated via Bluetooth technology.


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