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Our history

MWD started out as an Australian-owned family business run from a small warehouse on Brisbane’s southside. However, within only a few months, strong demand for high-quality, durable, innovative mobility and rehabilitation equipment led to a major expansion.

It’s a testament to our passion for the industry, high product selection standards, and commitment to customer service that a variety of the world’s most respected brands trust us to be their exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

Our team

Mohammad Kanafani
Mohammad Kanafani
Wholesale Sales Manager
Ryan Besso
Wholesale Sales Manager – MOTOmed Specialist
Debbie Nunan
Customer Service Coordinator
Steve Lightbody
Sales and Government Contracts Manager
Reza Ismail
Warehouse & Government Contracts Manager
Jhiya Tait’Cole
Customer Service Assistant (Sales and Parts)
Muzafir Anwari
Warehouse Assistant
Robert Roughhead
Warehouse Assistant
William Hadden
Warehouse Assistant & Delivery Driver

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Simply put, our mission at MWD is to provide quality solutions that enable independence and accessibility.

Our company is built on the philosophy of “making lives easier by empowering independence through innovation”, and providing the best, most innovative products to enhance the lives of people who need to use mobility products every day.

Our partners

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